Friday, July 13, 2012

1207.2816 (Naoki Masuda et al.)

Formation of feedforward networks and frequency synchrony by
spike-timing-dependent plasticity

Naoki Masuda, Hiroshi Kori

1207.2853 (Maria Chiara Angelini et al.)

Compressed sensing with sparse, structured matrices    [PDF]

Maria Chiara Angelini, Federico Ricci-Tersenghi, Yoshiyuki Kabashima

1207.2881 (V. Blavatska et al.)

Disorder effects on the static scattering function of star branched

V. Blavatska, C. von Ferber, Yu. Holovatch

1207.2893 (G. Claussen et al.)

Analysis of the loop length distribution for the negative weight
percolation problem in dimensions d=2 through 6

G. Claussen, L. Apolo, O. Melchert, A. K. Hartmann

1207.2979 (Cláudio L. N. Oliveira et al.)

Fatigue in disordered media    [PDF]

Cláudio L. N. Oliveira, André P. Vieira, Hans J. Herrmann, José S. Andrade Jr

1207.3041 (Hyunhang Park et al.)

Domain growth and aging scaling in coarsening disordered systems    [PDF]

Hyunhang Park, Michel Pleimling

1207.3059 (Malgorzata Wierzbowska)

Exchange interactions and Tc in rhenium doped silicon: DFT, DFT+U and
Monte Carlo calculations

Malgorzata Wierzbowska