Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1111.2772 (D. Talukdar et al.)

Scaling of NonOhmic Conduction in Strongly Correlated Systems    [PDF]

D. Talukdar, U. N. Nandi, A. Poddar, P. Mandal, K. K. Bardhan

1303.4057 (Ginestra Bianconi)

Statistical Mechanics of Multiplex Ensembles: Entropy and Overlap    [PDF]

Ginestra Bianconi

1303.4320 (David Carpentier et al.)

Effect of disorder on 2D topological merging transition from a Dirac
semi-metal to a normal insulator

David Carpentier, Andrei A. Fedorenko, Edmond Orignac

1303.4386 (Anthony Hegg et al.)

Breakdown of self-averaging in the Bose glass    [PDF]

Anthony Hegg, Frank Kr├╝ger, Philip W. Phillips

1303.4509 (S. V. Novikov et al.)

Charge carrier transport in molecularly doped polycarbonate as a test
case for the dipolar glass model

S. V. Novikov, A. P. Tyutnev

1303.4560 (Matteo Colangeli et al.)

Current in a quantum driven thermostatted system with off-diagonal

Matteo Colangeli, Marco Pizzi, Lamberto Rondoni

1303.4605 (S. V. Novikov)

Hopping charge transport in organic materials    [PDF]

S. V. Novikov

1303.4607 (Satya N. Majumdar et al.)

Exact Statistics of the Gap and Time Interval Between the First Two
Maxima of Random Walks

Satya N. Majumdar, Philippe Mounaix, Gregory Schehr

1303.4655 (Sergey E. Skipetrov et al.)

Absence of Anderson localization of light in a random ensemble of point

Sergey E. Skipetrov, Igor M. Sokolov