Thursday, January 31, 2013

1301.7115 (Madhu Advani et al.)

Statistical mechanics of complex neural systems and high dimensional

Madhu Advani, Subhaneil Lahiri, Surya Ganguli

1301.7160 (Hongting Yang et al.)

Fast realization of a spatially correlated percolation model    [PDF]

Hongting Yang, Stephan Haas

1301.7228 (Mathieu Leocmach et al.)

Roles of icosahedral and crystal-like order in hard spheres glass

Mathieu Leocmach, Hajime Tanaka

1301.7233 (Giancarlo Jug et al.)

Multilevel Tunnelling Systems and Fractal Clustering in the
Low-Temperature Mixed Alkali-Silicate Glasses

Giancarlo Jug, Maksym Paliienko

1301.7246 (U. Briskot et al.)

Quantum magnetooscillations in the ac conductivity of disordered

U. Briskot, I. A. Dmitriev, A. D. Mirlin

1301.7274 (Joanna Tyrcha et al.)

Network Inference with Hidden Units    [PDF]

Joanna Tyrcha, John Hertz

1301.7275 (Benjamin Dunn et al.)

Learning and inference in a nonequilibrium Ising model with hidden nodes    [PDF]

Benjamin Dunn, Yasser Roudi

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1301.1377 (Z. Xiao et al.)

Domain wall roughness and creep in nanoscale crystalline ferroelectric

Z. Xiao, Shashi Poddar, Stephen Ducharme, X. Hong

1301.1423 (Yingying Xu et al.)

Statistical mechanics approach to 1-bit compressed sensing    [PDF]

Yingying Xu, Yoshiyuki Kabashima

1301.1475 (Andrea Crisanti et al.)

Exactly solvable spin-glass models with ferromagnetic couplings: the
spherical multi-$p$-spin model in a self-induced field

Andrea Crisanti, Luca Leuzzi

1301.1503 (Naoki Masuda et al.)

Application of semidefinite programming to maximize the spectral gap
produced by node removal

Naoki Masuda, Tetsuya Fujie, Kazuo Murota

1301.1615 (Matthias Lopez et al.)

Phase diagram of the Anderson transition with atomic matter waves    [PDF]

Matthias Lopez, Jean-François Clément, Gabriel Lemarié, Dominique Delande, Pascal Szriftgiser, Jean Claude Garreau