Thursday, January 31, 2013

1301.7233 (Giancarlo Jug et al.)

Multilevel Tunnelling Systems and Fractal Clustering in the
Low-Temperature Mixed Alkali-Silicate Glasses

Giancarlo Jug, Maksym Paliienko
The thermal and dielectric anomalies of window-type glasses at low temperatures ($T<$ 1 K) are rather successfully explained by the two-level systems (2LS) standard tunneling model (STM). However, the magnetic effects discovered in the multisilicate glasses in recent times, magnetic effects in the organic glasses and also some older data from mixed (SiO$_2$)$_{1-x}$(K$_2$O)$_x$ and (SiO$_2$)$_{1-x}$(Na$_2$O)$_x$ glasses indicate the need for a suitable extension of the 2LS-STM. We show that -- not only for the magnetic effects, but already for the mixed glasses in the absence of a field -- the right extension of the 2LS STM is provided by the (anomalous) multilevel tunnelling systems (A-TS) proposed by one of us for multicomponent amorphous solids. Though a secondary type of TS, different from the standard 2LS, was invoked long ago already, we clarify their physical origin and mathematical description and show that their contribution considerably improves the agreement with the experimental data.
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