Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1210.0128 (Till Hoffmann et al.)

Decentralized Routing on Spatial Networks with Stochastic Edge Weights    [PDF]

Till Hoffmann, Renaud Lambiotte, Mason A. Porter

1210.0279 (Jing Wang)

Quasi-normal modes in random media    [PDF]

Jing Wang

1210.0283 (Jing Wang et al.)

Transport through modes in random media    [PDF]

Jing Wang, Azriel Z. Genack

1210.0330 (Peter Csermely et al.)

Structure and dynamics of molecular networks: A novel paradigm of drug
discovery. A comprehensive review

Peter Csermely, Tamas Korcsmaros, Huba J. M. Kiss, Gabor London, Ruth Nussinov

1210.0661 (Biswanath Dutta et al.)

A first principles study of magnetism in Pd$_{3}$Fe under pressure    [PDF]

Biswanath Dutta, Sumanta Bhandary, Subhradip Ghosh, Biplab Sanyal

1210.0662 (Oscar Grå näs et al.)

A new first principles approach to calculate phonon spectra of
disordered alloys

Oscar Grå näs, Biswanath Dutta, Subhradip Ghosh, Biplab Sanyal

1210.0811 (Victor Bapst et al.)

The Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm applied to random optimization problems:
the quantum spin glass perspective

Victor Bapst, Laura Foini, Florent Krzakala, Guilhem Semerjian, Francesco Zamponi

1210.0836 (Ramil M. Khusnutdinoff et al.)

Microscopic Structural and Dynamical Properties of Amorphous Metallic
Alloy $Ni_{33}Zr_{67}$ at the Temperature $T=300K$

Ramil M. Khusnutdinoff, Anatolii V. Mokshin, Ilgiz I. Khadeev