Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1210.6073 (Patrick Charbonneau et al.)

Stokes-Einstein relation violation and the upper critical dimension of
the glass transition

Patrick Charbonneau, Giorgio Parisi, Francesco Zamponi

1210.6081 (P. S. Alekseev et al.)

Strong magnetoresistance of disordered graphene    [PDF]

P. S. Alekseev, A. P. Dmitriev, I. V. Gornyi, V. Yu. Kachorovskii

1210.6166 (Taichi Haruna)

Theory of Interface: Category Theory, Directed Networks and Evolution of
Biological Networks

Taichi Haruna

1210.6230 (Guillermo A. Ludueña et al.)

A Self-Organized Neural Comparator    [PDF]

Guillermo A. Ludueña, Claudius Gros

1210.6238 (V. D. Borman et al.)

Stability of a Nonwetting Liquid in a Nanoporous Medium    [PDF]

V. D. Borman, A. A. Belogorlov, V. A. Byrkin, V. N. Tronin, V. I. Troyan

1210.6290 (Burcu Yucesoy et al.)

Correlations between the dynamics of parallel tempering and the
free-energy landscape in spin glasses

Burcu Yucesoy, Jonathan Machta, Helmut G. Katzgraber