Monday, October 15, 2012

1107.0587 (Dimitrije Markovic et al.)

Criticality in conserved dynamical systems: Experimental observation vs.
exact properties

Dimitrije Markovic, Andre Schuelein, Claudius Gros

1210.3372 (Si Chen et al.)

Statistical mechanics of graph models and their implications for
emergent manifolds

Si Chen, Steven S. Plotkin

1210.3443 (R. C. Roundy et al.)

Organic magnetoresistance near saturation: mesoscopic effects in small

R. C. Roundy, Z. V. Vardeny, M. E. Raikh

1210.3463 (Hao Hu et al.)

Percolation in the canonical ensemble    [PDF]

Hao Hu, Henk W. J. Blöte, Youjin Deng

1210.3474 (Claudius Gros et al.)

Observing scale-invariance in non-critical dynamical systems    [PDF]

Claudius Gros, Dimitrije Markovic

1210.3492 (M. Frechero et al.)

Intermediate Range Structure in Ion-Conducting Tellurite Glasses    [PDF]

M. Frechero, L. Padilla, H. O. Mártin, J. L. Iguain

1210.3518 (Severine Atis et al.)

Self-Sustained Reaction Fronts in Porous Media    [PDF]

Severine Atis, Sandeep Saha, Harold Auradou, Dominique Salin, Laurent Talon

1210.3519 (R. P. Kurta et al.)

Solution of the phase problem for coherent scattering from a disordered
system of identical particles

R. P. Kurta, R. Dronyak, M. Altarelli, E. Weckert, I. A. Vartanyants

1210.3553 (Y. Li et al.)

Symmetry breaking and low energy conformational fluctuations in
amorphous graphene

Y. Li, D. A. Drabold

1210.3555 (Danielle S. Bassett et al.)

Core-Periphery Organisation of Human Brain Dynamics    [PDF]

Danielle S. Bassett, Nicholas F. Wymbs, M. Puck Rombach, Mason A. Porter, Peter J. Mucha, Scott T. Grafton