Monday, January 7, 2013

1301.0685 (E. E. Tareyeva et al.)

Orientational glass: full replica symmetry breaking in generalized spin
glass-like models without reflection symmetry

E. E. Tareyeva, T. I. Schelkacheva, N. M. Chtchelkatchev
We investigate near the point of glass transition the expansion of the free energy corresponding to the generalized Sherrington--Kirkpatrick model with arbitrary diagonal operators U standing instead of Ising spins. We focus on the case when U is an operator with broken reflection symmetry. Such a consideration is important for understanding the behavior of spin-glass-like phases in a number of real physical systems, mainly in orientational glasses in mixed molecular crystals which present just the case. We build explicitly a full replica symmetry breaking (FRSB) solution of the equations for the orientational glass order parameters when the non-symmetric part of U is small. This particular result presents a counterexample in the context of usually adopted conjecture of the absence of FRSB solution in systems with no reflection symmetry.
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