Monday, January 28, 2013

1301.6006 (Biagio Nigro et al.)

Quasiuniversal connectedness percolation of polydisperse rod systems    [PDF]

Biagio Nigro, Claudio Grimaldi, Peter Ryser, Avik P. Chatterjee, Paul van der Schoot
The connectedness percolation threshold (eta_c) and critical coordination number (Z_c) of systems of penetrable spherocylinders characterized by a length polydispersity are studied by way of Monte Carlo simulations for several aspect ratio distributions. We find that (i) \eta_c is a nearly universal function of the weight-averaged aspect ratio, with an approximate inverse dependence that extends to aspect ratios that are well below the slender rod limit and (ii) that percolation of impenetrable spherocylinders displays a similar quasiuniversal behavior. For systems with a sufficiently high degree of polydispersity, we find that Z_c can become smaller than unity, in analogy with observations reported for generalized and complex networks.
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