Friday, January 25, 2013

1301.5769 (Satoshi Takabe et al.)

Minimum vertex cover problems on random hypergraphs: replica symmetric
solution and a leaf removal algorithm

Satoshi Takabe, Koji Hukushima
We study minimum vertex cover problems on random \alpha-uniform hypergraphs using two different approaches, a replica method in statistical mechanics of random systems and a leaf removal algorithm. It is found that there exists a phase transition at the critical average degree e/(\alpha-1). Below the critical degree, a replica symmetric ansatz in the statistical-mechanical method holdsand the algorithm estimates a solution of the problem which coincide with that by the replica method. In contrast, above the critical degree, the replica symmetric solution becomes unstable and these methods fail to estimate the exact solution.These results strongly suggest a close relation between the replica symmetry and the performance of approximation algorithm.
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