Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1301.3428 (M. Mendoza et al.)

Hydrodynamic Model for Conductivity in Graphene    [PDF]

M. Mendoza, H. J. Herrmann, S. Succi
Based on the recently developed picture of an electronic ideal relativistic fluid at the Dirac point, we present an analytical model for the conductivity in graphene that is able to describe the linear dependence on the carrier density and the existence of a minimum conductivity. The model treats impurities as submerged rigid obstacles, forming a disordered medium through which graphene electrons flow, in close analogy with classical fluid dynamics. To describe the minimum conductivity, we take into account the additional carrier density induced by the impurities in the sample. The model, which predicts the conductivity as a function of the impurity fraction of the sample, is supported by extensive simulations for different values of ${\cal E}$, the dimensionless strength of the electric field, and provides excellent agreement with experimental data.
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