Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6821 (K. Liu et al.)

Effect of Dilution on Spinodals and Pseudospinodals    [PDF]

K. Liu, W. Klein, C. A. Serino
We investigate the effect of quenched dilution on the critical and spinodal points in the infinite range (mean-field) and long-range (near-mean-field) Ising model. We find that unlike the short-range Ising model, the effect of the dilution is not simply related to the divergence of the specific heat, i.e., the Harris criterion. We also find the mean-field behavior differs from that of $d=4$ (upper critical dimension) nearest neighbor model at the critical point. These results are an important first step for understanding the effect of the spinodal on the nucleation process as well as the properties of the metastable state in systems of considerable interest in material science, geophysics, and econophysics which in general have defects.
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