Thursday, November 29, 2012

1211.6690 (Tomas Svensson et al.)

Exploiting breakdown of the similarity relation for diffuse light
transport: simultaneous retrieval of scattering anisotropy and diffusion

Tomas Svensson, Romolo Savo, Erik Alerstam, Kevin Vynck, Matteo Burresi, Diederik S. Wiersma
As manifested in the similarity relation of diffuse light transport, it is difficult to assess single scattering characteristics from multiply scattered light. We take advantage of the limited validity of the diffusion approximation of light transport and demonstrate, experimentally and numerically, that even deep into the multiple scattering regime, time-resolved detection of transmitted light allows simultaneous assessment of both single scattering anisotropy and scattering mean free path, and therefore also macroscopic parameters like the diffusion constant and the transport mean free path. This is achieved via careful assessment of early light and matching against Monte Carlo simulations of radiative transfer.
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