Monday, December 3, 2012

1211.7272 (Sebastian Krinner et al.)

Superfluidity with disorder in a quantum gas thin film    [PDF]

Sebastian Krinner, David Stadler, Jakob Meineke, Jean-Philippe Brantut, Tilman Esslinger
We investigate the properties of a strongly interacting, superfluid gas of 6Li2 Feshbach molecules forming a thin film confined in a quasi two-dimensional channel with a tunable random potential, creating a microscopic disorder. We measure the atomic current and extract the resistance of the film in a two-terminal configuration, and identify a superfluid state at low disorder strength, which evolves into a normal, poorly conducting state for strong disorder. The transition takes place when the chemical potential reaches the percolation threshold of the disorder. The evolution of the conduction properties contrasts with the smooth behavior of the density and compressibility across the transition, measured in-situ at equilibrium. These features suggest the emergence of a glass-like phase at strong disorder.
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