Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0058 (Ayaka Sakata)

Time evolution of autocorrelation function in dynamical replica theory    [PDF]

Ayaka Sakata
Asynchronous dynamics given by the master equation in the Sherrington--Kirkpatrick (SK) spin-glass model is studied based on dynamical replica theory (DRT) with an extension to take into account the autocorrelation function. The dynamical behaviour of the system is approximately described by dynamical equations of the macroscopic quantities: magnetization, energy contributed by randomness, and the autocorrelation function. The dynamical equations under the replica symmetry assumption are derived by introducing the subshell equipartitioning assumption and exploiting the replica method. The obtained dynamical equations are compared with Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, and it is demonstrated that the proposed formula describes well the time evolution of the autocorrelation function in some parameter regions. The study offers a reasonable description of the autocorrelation function in the SK spin-glass system.
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