Thursday, December 6, 2012

1212.0933 (Yi-zhen Wang et al.)

A "configurational-entropy-loss" law for the non-Arrhenius relaxation in
disordered systems

Yi-zhen Wang, X. Frank Zhang, Jin-xiu Zhang
Based on Nowick's self-induced ordering theory, we develop a new configurational-entropy relation to describe the non-Arrhenius temperature(T)-dependent relaxation in disordered systems. Both the configurational-entropy loss and the coupling interaction among relaxing units (RUs) are explicitly introduced in this relation; thus, it offers a novel connection between kinetics and thermodynamics that is different from the Adam-Gibbs (A-G) entropy relation, and it generalizes several well-known currently used relations. The present relation can provide direct and more accurate estimates of (i) the intrinsic activation enthalpy, (ii) the T-evolvement of the systematic configurational entropy loss and (iii) the self-induced ordering temperature Tc, which characterizes the coupling interaction among RUs. Application of the theory to experimental relaxation-time data for typical organic liquids demonstrates its validity.
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