Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1212.4291 (Silvio Franz et al.)

Quasi-equilibrium in glassy dynamics: a liquid theory approach    [PDF]

Silvio Franz, Giorgio Parisi, Pierfrancesco Urbani
We introduce a quasi-equilibrium formalism in the theory of liquids in order to obtain a set of coarse grained long time dynamical equations for the two point density correlation functions. Our scheme allows to use typical approximations devised for equilibrium to study long time glassy dynamics. We study the Hypernetted Chain (HNC) approximation and a recent closure scheme by Szamel. In both cases we get dynamical equations that have the structure of the Mode-Coupling (MCT) equations in the long time region. The HNC approach, that was so far used to get equilibrium quantities is thus generalized to a fully consistent scheme where long-time dynamic quantities can also be computed. In the context of this approximation we get an asymptotic description of both equilibrium glassy dynamics at high temperature and of aging dynamics at low temperature. The Szamel approximation on the other hand is shown to lead to the exact Mode Coupling equation of G\"otze for equilibrium dynamics. We clarify the way phase space is sampled according to MCT during dynamical relaxation.
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