Thursday, December 20, 2012

1212.4682 (Sven Gnutzmann et al.)

Topological Resonances in Scattering on Networks (Graphs)    [PDF]

Sven Gnutzmann, Holger Schanz, Uzy Smilansky
We report on a hitherto unnoticed type of resonances occurring in scattering from networks (quantum graphs) which are due to the complex connectivity of the graph - its topology. We consider generic open graphs and show that any cycle leads to narrow resonances which do not fit in any of the prominent paradigms for narrow resonances (classical barriers, localization due to disorder, chaotic scattering). We call these resonances `topological' to emphasize their origin in the non-trivial connectivity. Topological resonances have a clear and unique signature which is apparent in the statistics of the resonance parameters (such as e.g., the width, the delay time or the wave-function intensity in the graph). We discuss this phenomenon by providing analytical arguments supported by numerical simulation, and identify the features of the above distributions which depend on genuine topological quantities such as the length of the shortest cycle (girth). These signatures cannot be explained using any of the other paradigms for narrow resonances. Finally, we propose an experimental setting where the topological resonances could be demonstrated, and study the stability of the relevant distribution functions to moderate dissipation.
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