Thursday, December 27, 2012

1212.5962 (David Nozadze et al.)

Modification of smeared phase transitions by spatial disorder

David Nozadze, Christopher Svoboda, Fawaz Hrahsheh, Thomas Vojta
Phase transitions in disordered systems can be smeared if rare spatial regions develop true static order while the bulk system is in the disordered phase. Here, we study the effects of spatial disorder correlations on such smeared phase transitions. The behaviors of observables are determined within optimal fluctuation theory. We show that even short-range correlations can qualitatively modify smeared phase transitions. For positive correlations (like impurity atoms attract each other), the order parameter is enhanced, while it is suppressed for repulsive correlations (like atoms repel each other). We use computer simulations to generate various types of disorder correlations, and to verify our theoretical predictions.
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