Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1212.6295 (Y. F. Zhang et al.)

Coupling-Matrix Approach to the Chern Number Calculation in Disordered

Y. F. Zhang, Y. Y. Yang, Yan Ju, L. Sheng, D. N. Sheng, R. Shen, D. Y. Xing
The Chern number is often used to distinguish between different topological phases of matter in two-dimensional electron systems. A fast and efficient coupling-matrix method is designed to calculate the Chern number in finite crystalline and disordered systems. To show its effectiveness, we apply the approach to the Haldane model and the lattice Hofstadter model, the quantized Chern numbers being correctly obtained. The disorder-induced topological phase transition is well reproduced, when the disorder strength is increased beyond the critical value. We expect the method to be widely applicable to the study of topological quantum numbers.
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