Friday, February 8, 2013

1302.1668 (Coralie Weigel et al.)

Vitreous silica distends in helium gas: acoustic vs. static

Coralie Weigel, Alain Polian, Mathieu Kint, Benoit Rufflé, Marie Foret, René Vacher
Sound velocities of vitreous silica are measured under He compression in the pressure range 0-6 GPa by Brillouin light scattering. It is found that the well-known anomalous maximum in the pressure dependence of the compressibility is suppressed by He incorporation into the silica network. This shows that the elastic anomaly relates to the collapse of the largest interstitial voids in the structure. The huge difference between the static and the acoustic compressibilities indicates that the amount of incorporated helium still increases at 6 GPa.
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