Thursday, February 21, 2013

1302.4787 (Zhi Ren et al.)

Anomalous metallic state above the upper critical field of the
conventional three-dimensional superconductor AgSnSe2 with strong intrinsic

Zhi Ren, M. Kriener, A. A. Taskin, Satoshi Sasaki, Kouji Segawa, Yoichi Ando
We report superconducting properties of AgSnSe2 which is a conventional type-II superconductor in the very dirty limit due to intrinsically strong electron scatterings. While this material is an isotropic three-dimensional (3D) superconductor with a not-so-short coherence length where strong vortex fluctuations are NOT expected, we found that the magnetic-field-induced resistive transition at fixed temperatures becomes increasingly broader toward zero temperature and, surprisingly, that this broadened transition is taking place largely ABOVE the upper critical field determined thermodynamically from the specific heat. This result points to the existence of an anomalous metallic state possibly caused by quantum phase fluctuations in a strongly-disordered 3D superconductor.
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