Monday, February 25, 2013

1302.5547 (V. D. Borman et al.)

The model of randomly distributed polydisperse overlapping spheres    [PDF]

V. D. Borman, A. A. Belogorlov, V. A. Byrkin, V. N. Tronin, V. I. Troyan
A model of randomly distributed overlapping spheres of different radii is represented to describe a heterogeneous porous medium. Two-particle correlation function of the relative position of pores of different radii in the medium space was calculated and detailed analysis was carried out. The model allows to characterize the disordered porous medium with the number of nearest neighbors, the area of all mouths that connect pore with the neighboring pores. These paramaters depend on the pore size and porosity and --- in addition to the specific surface area, porosity, and percolation threshold and the distribution function of pore size.
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