Monday, March 18, 2013

1303.3695 (Hanshuang Chen et al.)

How does degree heterogeneity affect nucleation of Ising model on
complex networks?

Hanshuang Chen, Shuxian Li, Gang He, Feng Huang, Chuansheng Shen, Zhonghuai Hou
We investigate the nucleation of Ising model on complex networks and focus on the role played by the heterogeneity of degree distribution on nucleation rate. Using Monte Carlo simulation combined with forward flux sampling, we find that for a weak external field the nucleation rate decreases monotonically as degree heterogeneity increases. Interestingly, for a relatively strong external field the nucleation rate exhibits a nonmonotonic dependence on degree heterogeneity, in which there exists a maximal nucleation rate at an intermediate level of degree heterogeneity. Furthermore, we develop a heterogeneous mean-field theory for evaluating the free-energy barrier of nucleation. The theoretical estimations are qualitatively consistent with the simulation results. Our study suggests that degree heterogeneity plays a nontrivial role in the dynamics of phase transition in networked Ising systems.
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