Monday, April 1, 2013

1303.7434 (Feng Shi et al.)

A multi-opinion evolving voter model with infinitely many phase

Feng Shi, Peter J. Mucha, Rick Durrett
We consider an idealized model in which individuals' changing opinions and their social network coevolve, with disagreements between neighbors in the network resolved either through one imitating the opinion of the other or by reassignment of the discordant edge. Specifically, an interaction between $x$ and one of its neighbors $y$ leads to $x$ imitating $y$ with probability $(1-\alpha)$ and otherwise (i.e., with probability $\alpha$) $x$ cutting its tie to $y$ in order to instead connect to a randomly chosen individual. Building on previous work about the two-opinion case, we study the multiple-opinion situation, finding that the model has infinitely many phase transitions. Moreover, the formulas describing the end states of these processes are remarkably simple when expressed as a function of $\beta = \alpha/(1-\alpha)$.
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