Thursday, April 4, 2013

1304.0814 (M. Ostilli et al.)

Continuous- and discrete-time Glauber dynamics. First- and second-order
phase transitions in mean-field Potts models

M. Ostilli, F. Mukhamedov
As is known, at the Gibbs-Boltzmann equilibrium, the mean-field $q$-state Potts model with a ferromagnetic coupling has only a first order phase transition when $q\geq 3$, while there is no phase transition for an antiferromagnetic coupling. The same equilibrium is asymptotically reached when one considers the continuous time evolution according to a Glauber dynamics. In this paper we show that, when we consider instead the Potts model evolving according to a discrete-time dynamics, the Gibbs-Boltzmann equilibrium is reached only when the coupling is ferromagnetic while, when the coupling is anti-ferromagnetic, a period-2 orbit equilibrium is reached and a stable second-order phase transition in the Ising mean-field universality class sets in for each component of the orbit. We discuss the implications of this scenario in real-world problems.
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