Friday, April 5, 2013

1304.1243 (Henry O. Sillin et al.)

Benchtop Fabrication of Memristive Atomic Switch Networks    [PDF]

Henry O. Sillin, Eric J. Sandouk, Audrius V. Avizienis, Masakazu Aono, Adam Z. Stieg, James K. Gimzewski
Recent advances in nanoscale science and technology provide possibilities to directly self-assemble and integrate functional circuit elements within the wiring scheme of devices with potentially unique architectures. Electroionic resistive switching circuits comprising highly interconnected fractal electrodes and metal-insulator-metal interfaces, known as atomic switch networks, have been fabricated using simple benchtop techniques including solution-phase electroless deposition. These devices are shown to activate through a bias-induced forming step that produces the frequency dependent, nonlinear hysteretic switching expected for gapless-type atomic switches and memristors. By eliminating the need for complex lithographic methods, such an approach toward device fabrication provides a more accessible platform for the study of ionic resistive switches and memristive systems.
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