Monday, May 27, 2013

1305.2070 (Tommaso Rizzo)

Replica Symmetry Breaking Transitions and Off-Equilibrium Dynamics    [PDF]

Tommaso Rizzo
I consider branches of Replica-Symmetry-Breaking (RSB) solutions in Glassy systems that display a dynamical transition at a temperature $T_d$ characterized by a Mode-Coupling-Theory dynamical behavior. Below $T_d$ these branches of solutions are considered to be relevant to the complexity and to off-equilibrium dynamics. Under general assumptions I argue that near $T_d$ it is not possible to stabilize the one-step (1RSB) solution beyond the marginal point by making a full RSB (FRSB) ansatz. However, depending on the model, it may exist a temperature $T_*$ strictly lower than $T_d$ below which the 1RSB branch can be continued to a FRSB branch. Such a temperature certainly exists for models that display the so-called Gardner transition and in this case $T_GView original:

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