Friday, May 31, 2013

1305.6941 (Navid Dianati et al.)

Positive association and global connectivity in dependent percolation    [PDF]

Navid Dianati, YenTing Lin
We study the effect of positive correlations on the critical threshold of site and bond percolation in a square lattice with d = 2. We propose two algorithms for generating dependent lattices with minimal correlation length and non-negative n-point correlations whose critical behavior is then compared with that of independent lattices. For site percolation, we show numerically that the introduction of this specific form of positive correlation results in a lower percolation threshold, i.e., higher connectivity. For bond percolation, the opposite is observed. In this case, however, we show that the dual lattice is also totally positively associated, demonstrating that positive association can result in either an increase or a decrease in global connectivity.
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