Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1306.2626 (B. L. Althuler et al.)

Localization at the Edge of 2D Topological Insulator by Kondo Impurities
with Random Anisotropies

B. L. Althuler, I. L. Aleiner, V. I. Yudson
We consider chiral electrons moving along the 1D helical edge of a 2D topological insulator and interacting with a disordered chain of Kondo impurities. Assuming the electron-spin couplings of random anisotropies, we map this system to the problem of the pinning of the charge density wave by the disordered potential. This mapping proves that arbitrary weak anisotropic disorder in coupling of chiral electrons with spin impurities leads to the Anderson localization of the edge states.
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