Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4508 (E. M. Ganapolskii et al.)

The mechanism of quantum chaos manifestations in the spectra of
singularly perturbed wave-billiard systems

E. M. Ganapolskii, Yu. V. Tarasov
The spectra of a microwave cylindrical resonator with the embedded thin metal rod playing the role of a singular perturbation are studied both theoretically and experimentally. The intra- and inter-mode scattering caused by the perturbation are clearly distinguished and recognized to play essentially different parts in the appearance of spectrum chaotic properties. The analysis based on the mode-mixing operator norm shows that the inter-mode scattering dominates over the intra-mode scattering and basically determines statistical properties of the resonator spectrum. The results we have obtained in the experiment are in good conformity with our theory. Clear manifestations of quantum chaos are revealed for the resonator with the asymmetrically inserted rod, namely, the Wigner-type distribution of the inter-frequency intervals, the apparent correlation between spectral lines, and the characteristic curve of the spectral rigidity. By comparing the theory and the experiment we succeeded in establishing for the first time that it is just the inter-mode scattering that is responsible for the quantum chaos manifestations in the singularly perturbed integrable wave-billiard system.
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