Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3258 (Clara Mattner et al.)

The frequency-dependence of nonlinear conductivity in disordered
systems: an analytically solvable model

Clara Mattner, Bernhard Roling, Andreas Heuer
For the hopping dynamics in a one-dimensional model, containing energy and barrier disorder, we determine the linear and nonlinear response to an external field for arbitrary external frequencies. The calculation is performed in analytical terms. We systematically analyze the parameter space and find three different regimes, corresponding to qualitatively different frequency dependencies of the nonlinear response. Two regimes agree with the results of recent conductivity experiments on inorganic ion conductors and ionic liquids, respectively. The ratio of the nonlinear and linear conductivity in the dc-regime can be explicitly expressed in terms of the disorder parameters. As a generic feature the nonlinear conductivity displays a minimum as a function of frequency which can be identified with forward-backward dynamics in a double-well potential. The magnitude and sign of the nonlinear conductivity around the minimum is a measure of the disorder, inherent in this model. Surprisingly, the frequency of the minimum is hardly influenced by the disorder.
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