Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3265 (A. Snarskii et al.)

Critical phenomena in the dynamical visibility graph    [PDF]

A. Snarskii, I. Bezsudnov
We have investigated the time series by the mapping them to the complex network. We have studied the behavior of the relative number of clusters in dynamic visibility graphs near the critical value of the angle of view. Time series of different nature both artificial and experimental were numerically investigated. In all cases, the dependence of the relative number of clusters on the proximity to the critical angle of view had a power law behavior. Thus, it was shown that there is a similarity between the behavior of the relative number of clusters and the order parameter in the second-order phase transition theory and percolation theory. Each time series is characterized by its own value of the critical index - an analog of the critical index in second-order phase transition theory.
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