Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3529 (F. Leonforte)

From Inherent Structures Deformation to Elastic Heterogeneities    [PDF]

F. Leonforte
Using a well defined soft model glass in the framework of Molecular Dynamics simulations, the inherent structures are probed by means of a recently developed deformation protocol that aims to capture the Dynamical Heterogeneities (DH), as well as by the use of the isoconfigurational ensemble. Comparisons of both methods are performed by extracting the corresponding inherent characteristic length scales as the temperature of the system is cooled down from the liquid to the glassy state. The obtained lengths grow and depict an identical trend as the system falls out-off equilibrium, and appear to converge to the characteristic length scale that characterizes the Elastic Heterogeneities (EH) of the materials in the very low temperature limit, which is deeply related to the properties of the glass. This provides a first evidence of a relationship between DH and EH.
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