Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0066 (Washington de Lima et al.)

Strange Attractor in the Potts Spin Glass on Hierarchical Lattices    [PDF]

Washington de Lima, Gustavo Camelo-Neto, Sérgio Coutinho
The spin-glass $q$-state Potts model on d-dimensional diamond hierarchical lattices is investigated by an exact real space renormalization group scheme. Above a critical dimension $d_l(q)$ for $q > 2$, the coupling constants probability distribution flows to a low temperature \emph{strange attractor} or to the high temperature paramagnetic fixed point, according to the temperature is below or above the critical temperature $T_c(q,d)$. The strange attractor was investigated considering four initial different distributions for $q = 3$ and $d = 5$ presenting strong robustness in shape and temperature interval suggesting a condensed phase with algebraic decay.
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