Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0581 (Simon Stutzer et al.)

Hybrid Bloch-Anderson localization of light    [PDF]

Simon Stutzer, Yaroslav V. Kartashov, Victor A. Vysloukh, Vladimir V. Konotop, Stefan Nolte, Lluis Torner, Alexander Szameit
We investigate the interplay of Bloch oscillations and Anderson localization in optics. Gradual washing out of Bloch oscillations and the formation of nearly stationary averaged intensity distributions, which are symmetric for narrow and strongly asymmetric for broad input excitations, are observed experimentally in laser-written waveguide arrays. At large disorder levels Bloch oscillations are completely destroyed and both narrow and wide excitations lead to symmetric stationary averaged intensity distributions with exponentially decaying tails.
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