Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0610 (Hyunsuk Hong et al.)

Link-disorder fluctuation effects on synchronization in random networks    [PDF]

Hyunsuk Hong, Jaegon Um, Hyunggyu Park
We consider one typical system of oscillators coupled through disordered link configurations in networks, i.e., a finite population of coupled phase oscillators with distributed intrinsic frequencies on a random network. We investigate collective synchronization behavior, paying particular attention to link-disorder fluctuation effects on the synchronization transition and its finite-size scaling (FSS). Extensive numerical simulations as well as the mean-field analysis have been performed. We find that link-disorder fluctuations effectively induce {\em uncorrelated random} fluctuations in frequency, resulting in the FSS exponent $\bar\nu=5/2$, which is identical to that in the globally coupled case (no link disorder) with frequency-disorder fluctuations.
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